Driver Details - All in One Place 

The Orbitus driver's app provides a comprehensive set of features and reports for fleet managers to have complete control over their fleet and analyse driver performance.

Detailed analytics and reports available in the app include driver and incident summary, overspeeding and fuel usage among many other reports.

Summary and Detailed View

Summary of incidents such as vehicle idling, overspeeding, harsh braking or turning are presented to provide a high-level overview of the occurrences. This view aims to capture key information and trends related to these incidents. In the detailed view, each incident is presented individually with more granular information

This information is extremely useful to gather insight into driver behaviour towards driving and take needed measures to rectify the problem.

Driver Scorecard 

Easy and comprehensive scoring and reports for individual drivers are available based on events like vehicle idling, harsh braking or acceleration. Overall individual scoring is also available as a report both online and on our app.

Driver coaching and training can be planned based on the scoring reported by our telematics solution. This will result in a reduction of truck incidents and traffic violations which are a major expense for a vehicle fleet of any size.

Fuel Management 

Our Fuel Monitoring System continuously monitors fuel usage and the AI-driven solution can detect any kind of fuel wastage. It helps with the following: 

Reduction of Fuel Cost - Get instant alerts about any type of fuel drainage and know your vehicle’s average fuel consumption.

Refuelling, drainage and mileage reports - Provide detailed reports on fuel usage with the help of Fuel Tank level Sensor available for all vehicle types.

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