Real-time Monitoring

Our solutions enable fleet managers/owners to do real-time monitoring of all their vehicles, ensuring up-to-the-minute information on their whereabouts on Google Maps.

With the movement history available for all vehicles, the platform allows fleet managers to review past routes and activities of their vehicles. This comprehensive data makes it easy to identify trends, and optimise operations.

Instant Alert 

The Telematics device attached to the vehicle sends instant alerts which are to be available online as well as Orbitus Mobile App (available on both IOS and Android), instant notifications on overspeeding, vehicle idling, collision and many other parameters.

This helps in taking proactive and quick action in case of an accident or breakdown.

Report & Analytics 

Detailed and customized reports are available to analyse the vehicle's performance.

Some of the reports would include the total distance travelled, trip summary, route deviation, and fuel refill. Fleet managers/owners are also alerted on service maintenance schedules.


Geofence & Alerting

Allow users to draw custom geofences on the map; specifying restricted or monitored areas. The system detects a geofence event when a vehicle enters or exits a geofenced area.

When a geofence event occurs, the system evaluates if it falls within the restricted geographies and triggers an SOS alert.

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