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Industry Overview and Challenges

The rental car industry is a vital component of the broader transportation sector, serving both leisure and business travellers. The industry provides customers with the ability to rent cars on a short-term basis, typically for a few days or weeks at a time. This industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, largely driven by a combination of increasing demand for rental cars, the growth of international tourism, and the emergence of new market players.

However, the rental car industry also faces significant challenges such as keeping a regular track of vehicle health, planned maintenance and driving incidents. Low cost OBD devices are a perfect solution in keeing a track of operator's fleet while not compromising the privacy of valued customers.

Orbitus utilises AI and IoT technologies to tackle the obstacles faced by your business

Alerts and Analytics: The system provides comprehensive tracking of trips, distance covered, and allows the user to generate customised reports. Real-time alerts are triggered for overspeeding and harsh/distracted/drowsy driving. The Fuel and Service Maintenance reports are also included, and video playback is available.

360o Monitoring: The Video Safety Solutions offer 100 minutes of complimentary live viewing time per vehicle each month. In addition, it enables on-device recording and incident video recording for up to 200+ hours, with the footage accessible on the cloud for six months.

Insurance Metrics: The system assesses the owner's risk profile by considering factors such as distance covered, usage, and driving proficiency. This information is used to establish user-specific insurance premiums.

Route Optimisation: By tracking and managing routes, fleet movement can be optimised and streamlined, resulting in greater efficiency and cost savings. By leveraging data and analytics, it is possible to identify the most efficient routes and eliminate unnecessary steps or detours in the process.