About Our Company

Orbitus is dedicated to providing GPS tracking solutions that cater to your personal needs, from asset tracking to monitoring driver behavior. Our technology can also be used to protect vulnerable members of society. Whether you require personal-use GPS tracking solutions or broader fleet GPS tracking solutions, our team at Orbitus is committed to providing you with a sense of safety and security.

Orbitus utilises AI and IoT technologies to tackle the obstacles faced by you during personal use

Personal tracking devices are versatile tools that can be valuable for a wide range of individuals in various situations. These devices can provide peace of mind and security for parents of young children or teenagers, caregivers of elderly or disabled individuals, outdoor enthusiasts, travellers, and more.

Some companies may offer personal tracking devices to employees who work in hazardous or remote environments or those who are at risk of being injured on the job. These devices can be an essential tool in ensuring the safety of employees, allowing for immediate response in case of an emergency, and providing peace of mind for both the employee and employer. In addition, personal tracking devices can also help companies to improve productivity by providing location data and insights into how employees are spending their time, allowing for more efficient scheduling and resource allocation.