About Our Company

Industry Overview and Challenges

Orbitus offers a range of tracking solutions to the mining industry in Australia to enhance efficiency and results. The effectiveness of GPS tracking devices in mining operations has been established, with increased productivity and on-site safety seeing significant benefits. 

Orbitus utilises AI and IoT technologies to tackle the obstacles faced by your business

Rising fleet life: Prescriptive maintenance notifications are provided to prevent breakdowns, monitor the health status of spare parts to ensure timely replacements, and maintain optimal vehicle performance.

Analytics and Reporting: The system offers comprehensive trip logs, which enable holistic trip tracking, as well as customised reports. Fuel and Service Maintenance reports are also available, along with video playback functionality.

Vehicle Safety: A digital locking system can restrict entry and prevent unauthorised access, coupled with vehicle immobilisation. Geofencing can create a virtual boundary around a specific area of interest, triggering an alert if any deviation occurs.

Environmental Monitoring: Environmental monitoring in the mine can be facilitated using GPS tracking to oversee factors like air quality, temperature, and humidity. This can ensure that the working conditions are safe for employees and allow early detection of potential hazards.