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Industry Overview and Challenges

Maintaining law and order while ensuring safety measures are in place is a significant responsibility that requires the utmost accuracy and attention to detail, given the impact it has on people's lives and society as a whole. The availability of real-time information is crucial for law enforcement and public safety. Tracking offers numerous advantages for first responders, from improving routes to calling for backup and monitoring field teams.

Currently, safety officials in both government and non-government agencies are under increased scrutiny to maintain the public's trust in their respective departments and local precincts.

Some of the challenges faced include but not limited to are - real-time tracking, geofence monitoring, 360o monitoring and historical tracking, and real-time alerts.

Orbitus utilises AI and IoT technologies to tackle the obstacles faced by your business

Real-time tracking: The vehicle tracking system based on GPS guarantees instantaneous monitoring of the movement of numerous vehicles in real time.

Geo-Fence: Geofencing creates a digital boundary around a specific geographical area and notifies the operator of any departure from the designated zone. The Trip Optimisation feature enables the allocation of pre-defined routes for each vehicle in the fleet, with notifications triggered in case of any deviation from the assigned path.

Alerts and Analytics: The system provides comprehensive tracking of trips, and distances covered, and allows the user to generate customised reports. Real-time alerts are triggered for overspeeding and harsh/distracted/drowsy driving. The Fuel and Service Maintenance reports are also included, and video playback is available.

360o Monitoring: The Video Safety Solutions offer 100 minutes of complimentary live viewing time per vehicle each month. In addition, it enables on-device recording and incident video recording for up to 200+ hours, with the footage accessible on the cloud for six months.