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Industry Overview and Challenges

The FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) or RETAIL industry relies on the efficient movement of goods to reach the last mile of access. Due to the perishable nature of many of the products in this category, technology is vital to manage the fulfillment process and minimise damage or spoilage. As these goods are transported for storage and retail, it is crucial to ensure that they are sold within the declared shelf life to maintain profitability and safeguard consumers' trust in the brand. The deployment of intuitive technology can help address several major business challenges, including real-life tracking, cargo vehicle theft, temperate management, and vehicle movement outside territories.

Orbitus utilises AI and IoT technologies to tackle the obstacles faced by your business

Vehicle/Cargo safety: The deployment of intuitive technology can assist in addressing several major business challenges in the FMCG or CPG industry, including theft prevention, vehicle immobilisation, and implementing digital locking systems. The system can also issue alerts in case of breakdowns and leverage geofencing to monitor the movement of goods and ensure they stay within designated boundaries.

Route Optimisation: By tracking and managing routes, fleet movement can be optimised and streamlined, resulting in greater efficiency and cost savings. By leveraging data and analytics, it is possible to identify the most efficient routes and eliminate unnecessary steps or detours in the process.

Temperature Management: IoT solutions can be used to implement cargo quality control with temperature management capabilities. By leveraging temperature sensors and monitoring devices, it is possible to track the temperature and environmental conditions of the cargo in real time. This enables businesses to identify and address any issues related to temperature control, ensuring that the quality of the cargo remains intact during transit.

Real-time Tracking: An all-in-one view of the fleet can be obtained, allowing for better visibility and monitoring of fleet performance. This includes trip route visibility, which enables real-time tracking and analysis of the vehicle's movements. In addition, fuel consumption can be viewed and analysed, providing valuable insights into fuel efficiency and potential cost savings.

Alerts and Analytics: The system offers comprehensive trip logs, which enable holistic trip tracking, as well as customised reports. Fuel and Service Maintenance reports are also available, along with video playback functionality.