Which businesses can benefit from GPS tracking in Australia ?

Australian businesses that will benefit from GPS tracking are Supply Chain and Logistics, Public Transport, Vehicle Leasing, Mining, Retail, and Emergency response services, These businesses have a critical dependency on real time tracking of  vehicles, fuel usage and driver safety.

How can businesses benefit from GPS tracking in Australia ?

Businesses can benefit tremendously from GPS tracking by improving fleet management, optimizing logistics operations, and enhancing overall security and efficiency.

How accurate is GPS tracking in Australia ?

GPS tracking in Australia is highly accurate, with most devices providing location data within a few meters. Tracking with GPS is more prevalent with moving assets or fleets in motion giving a precise visibility of critical business assets in real time.

Are there any subscription fees for GPS tracking services ?

Pricing for GPS tracking solutions varies based on several factors, including your business requirements, fleet size, and the specific features you need. The pricing model may also vary depending on whether you choose to purchase the hardware outright or go on a rental plan.

We work with a monthly subscription fee that covers the cost of the software platform, ongoing support, and maintenance. There could be an one-time fee for the hardware and installation, which is subject to a few T&C. The basic requirements are often fulfilled with a subscription of less than 20 AUD per month per vechicle, Mid and Premium tier plans depend on additional features. 

To get an accurate idea of the pricing that meets your specific requirements, it is best to contact us and request a quote. We will work with you to understand your needs and provide a pricing estimate based on the number of assets you need to track, the features you require, and any hardware or installation costs. 

What is video telematics ?

By harnessing the power of sensors and dashcams, this cutting-edge technology offers unparalleled visibility into driver behavior, revolutionizing driver safety and risk management programs. Embedded sensors detect crucial events like speeding, aggressive braking, harsh acceleration, and idle time, while dashcams capture the footage, providing fleet managers and drivers with valuable recordings. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your fleet's performance and ensure a safer, more accountable driving environment.

When a driving event is detected, telematics devices send a trigger that prompts the camera to record and store the high-definition video footage encompassing the moments leading up to, during, and after the event. Through our telematics platform, these videos are swiftly and securely uploaded to the cloud, enabling real-time review and analysis.

What is Dash Cam (Video Telematics solution) used for ?

- It identifies unsafe driving instances and help drivers prevent collisions using the dashboard camera’s active sensors.
- Send real time alerts triggered by dangerous driving events such as hard braking, sharp turning or distracted driving, preserving high quality video       footage.
- Playback of videos to gain insight ?into driver behaviour, take steps for improving driver performance like training, for keeping your fleet safe.

How long do device installations take?

Our wired devices can be installed in less than an hour, while our OBD devices offer a seamless plug-and-play experience that takes less than two minute. In general, one wired installation of a GPS or a dashcam  can be completed between 30 to 90 minutes depending on the number of wiring involved.

Can GPS tracking devices work in remote areas with poor coverage ?

GPS tracking devices require a clear view of the sky to receive signals from satellites. In remote areas with poor coverage, signal reception may be limited, however GPS systems installed in personal or commercial vechicles cache the  incidents in the SD card and then once the vehicle comes in the network area it will get captured in cloud, emample - Dashcam for Mining vechicles.

Are GPS tracking devices or dashcam’s are expensive ?

The cost of GPS tracking and Dashcam devices varies depending on the features and functionality, but there are options available to suit different budgets.

Can I upgrade my custom plan?

Yes, we offer the option to upgrade or customize your plan based on your evolving business needs. As your fleet grows, or as you require new features, you may need to adjust your GPS tracking solution accordingly.

It is important to note that upgrading or customizing your plan may result in additional costs, so it is important to review the pricing model carefully and ensure that you understand any additional fees or charges before making a decision. 

What is Geofence ?

A virtual perimeter tailored to your needs. Utilising GPS technology, our solution creates a boundary around a specific area, triggering instant alerts whenever vehicles or personnel enter or exit. Stay in control as you pinpoint their exact location and effortlessly track their movements with a precise log, empowering your business with unparalleled accuracy and peace of mind.

Can I track multiple devices using GPS tracking ?

Yes, GPS tracking allows you to monitor the location of multiple devices simultaneously in a commercial solution. As an example, a fleet management solution allows to monitor multiple cars, vehicles in a single platform in real time.

Who will manage the software ?

Our software solution will collect and process data automatically, and you will be able to access reports and notifications in real-time through a user-friendly interface. Automated reports and notifications can be configured to provide you with the information you need, such as real-time location updates, alerts for specific events (e.g. entering or leaving a geofenced area), or analysis of driver behavior.

To ensure maximum customer satisfaction the software can be managed in a way that meets your needs. We offer customizable software and reporting options. This will enable you to configure the software to match your specific tracking requirements and receive automated reports and notifications that are tailored to your needs.

Where will my data be stored ?

The location where your tracking data is stored will depend on the specific GPS tracking solution you are using. Some providers may store the data on their servers, while others may store it locally on the tracking device itself.

In our case, we ensure that the storage location is secure and meets the relevant data privacy and security standards. We use secure servers and employ encryption and other security measures to protect the data.

Before choosing a GPS tracking solution, it is important to review the provider's privacy and security policies and ensure that they meet your organization's requirements for data storage and security